How to Deal with Lip Pimples: The Dos and Don'ts

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lip pimple

There are very few things that can bring utmost satisfaction on this earth, just like farting out a stomach ache, popping out a pimple, or getting rid of a blackhead on a lip can be painful and disgusting yet incredibly relieving. There I said it! However this phenomenon this feeling, popping out a pimple may cause skin damage, so what should we do? See a dermatologist? This might be the best solution if you have the money and can get access to one. But what if you cannot see one? What then?

What causes lip pimples? 

If you are observant you will notice pimples are most common on the face, back and shoulders. This is because there is where there are many sebaceous glands (oil-secreting glands) in those areas. The pimples on the lips have the same causes, prevention, and treatments just like everywhere else in the face. These include;

  • The bacteria that causes pimples is known as propionibacterium acnes (p.acnes)
  • Redundant oil production; some people’s skin are oily than others, excess oil production increases the chances of getting lip pimples.
  • Medications containing bromides, iodides, androgenic steroids, and anti-aging hormones can cause an eruption of lip acne and facially in general.
  • Clogging of hair follicles by oil can also cause pimples
  • Family genetic history; sometimes you can’t run away from acne, it’s in your genes. Family lines tend to produce extra dead skin cells or extra sebum leading to more clogged pores which then cause acne also leading to oily skin that can trap bacteria in pores.
  • Wavering hormones; this is most especially for my girls. This like pregnancy, menopause, and menstrual cycle tend to fluctuate hormones i.e estrogen and progesterone levels drop during menopause, puberty making the skin to break out resulting in acne.
  • Diet; though indirectly and at very little possibility milk and high sugar proteins can raise insulin levels affecting hormones which in turn affect the skin.
  • Stress; strange as it is stress doesn’t cause pimples but can trigger breakouts and make acne worse due to the stress-related hormone CRH, which binds skin receptors in the sebaceous gland driving up oil production.

The following are very simple routines that can avoid skin acne around lips and skin in general.

Skin acne around lips

The dos 

Wash the face twice a day. In the morning and evening and after sweating heavily. Avoid scrubbing this can irritate the skin just wash gently with hands, rinse with warm water, and pat with a soft towel. 

The don’ts

  • Do not sleep with makeup on! This happens a lot if you come back from work of function late at night and you can’t do wait to just lie on your soft comfy bed and puffy pillows. Trust me I understand, but if you keep that up you might need a lot more foundation than you should to cover up that acne, that thought a lot makes get up and clean my face before reuniting with my bed.
  • Do not rub the towel against your skin no matter how tempting it is. This includes scrubbing everything off as a way of cleaning the face. You are just irritating it. Twice is enough, by the way, no need to overdo it.
  • Avoid trying every skin product you lay eyes on. Give time for the product to work, over shifting to a new skin product after a few days can irritate skin and worsen the acne.
  • See a dermatologist!- if acne has persisted stop taking advice from friends and social media. Do not use any medication without a prescription from a skin doctor
  • Do not squeeze the blackhead or pimple on the lip line-; apart from it being painful, there is a risk of getting an infection from the bacteria on the hands. Some people even develop very unattractive acne scars. So patience is the key.
  • Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. We had already established how hard this was from COVID prevention measures but it is crucial. If you have to touch your face make sure your hands are clean.
  • Do not share makeup and its accessories- when you share these other peoples' dead skin cells or acne-causing bacteria can end up in one of your makeup and cause you the skin infection.

Psychological effects of pimples;

We all know how pimples look physically and its high time we checked about what they do to us mentally. If you’ve ever had acne at one point you understand how it is. Personally they;

Lowered my self-esteem to the point where I couldn’t move confidently to a crowded place even though I was already covered in hoodies. I hated my face especially when everyone gave me an " aww what happened to your face" look.

Made me isolate myself from everyone, it happened in my teenage years where I was already isolating myself, the pimples didn’t make it better.

Mixed emotions;  depression anger, an abrupt change in mood, everyone tells me it was because I was a teenager but I know pimples played a big part.

How to deal with lip pimples

  • Take care of your skin: although it sounds obvious it's better to eliminate all the things that could’ve been the cause of acne this can increase the better chance of knowing the cause of the pimples and deal with it.
  • Talk to people, being alone is never good one can easily fall in depression and anxiety disorders. You might be surprised how many people go through the same thing as you.
  • Watch inspirational transformation videos of people with acne, this might give one hope that clear skin is possible. 
  • Don’t stress; though acne can be stressful the irony is that it doesn’t need stress as it can worsen, so try to distress
  • If you can afford to see a dermatologist and claim that clear skin and a psychologist to help you love yourself all through the transformation phase.
  • Lastly love yourself. You are not anything less because of acne and you can be so much more if you let yourself be.

Does this work?

  • Sex- you can never have pimples because of not having sex, however having sex can help reduce the occurrence of pimples due to the increase of blood flow and reduced hormonal levels that you get through sexual intercourse. As a result, you get a better complexion. On the other hand, since sex is a physical activity that involves a lot of sweating and pressing on each other, the oils swat and bacteria can lead to acne.
  • Steaming-although steaming helps to soften the blackheads by opening up pores and they become easier to extract, it does not clear the pimples and certainly does not stop new breakouts from forming.
  • Facemasks – yes, especially if you get a very good one since they drag out extra oil and impurities, as a result, preventing future breakouts while fighting current ones.

Good luck on your getting clear skin journey!For more healthy related tips, visit these sources

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